The Etelman Observatory is open to the public during one night each month and the Observatory staff is available for school day trips, where you can look at sunspots using the Observatory quipment and listen to the latest news about our own star, the Sun. To find out more about these events and educational possibilities do not hesitate to contact us. You can also check the next opening night on our facebook page.

During the open nights visitors will have the oppotunity to observe celestial objects thorugh the Virgin Islands Robotic Telescope (VIRT), including the moon, the planet Jupiter, globular cluster and other galaxies. Also, the Saint Thomas Astronomy Resources Society (STARS) will kindly provide their equipments and volunteers to give visitors the opportunity to observe many more exciting astronomical phenomena throughout the night.

You can also check a list of available articles on the right of this page for various aspects of the project. Should your question not been covered yet, you can contact us.

We love showing kids the wonders of the universe. Much of our present and planned outreach activities center around working with children from kindergartners to high school seniors. We collaborate with local summer camps to bring groups up to the observatory to build telescopes and safely view the sun. We also support the Virgin Islands Children’s Museum with talks and demonstrations by visiting professors. Also in the works with the VI Children’s Museum, we plan to build an exhibit on the “History of Space Science.” With our first official group of students to major in Physics this Fall, we plan to ramp up our high school outreach with a science enrichment summer program.

Professor Morris and a group of students