Our chapter is the youngest so as far as really stern bylaws—there aren’t any beyond just focusing on trying to present yourself as an upstanding student/member while you participate in the group. In the meetings we talk a lot about our victories throughout the week or month such as doing well in classes that were maybe giving you trouble, landing a scholarship, being accepted into internships, maybe you just had a overall good month and it feels good to share and say it out loud. We also try to talk about any possible failures that way we have a good sense about what everyone is going through and we can help. Maybe somebody had a not so great week or month and we just know that we can make them feel better when they come to a meeting because nobody is left out the meetings, there’s always a good vibe and pizza and like minded people so your always kind of “safe” to put it in a single word. And I really like that. It’s more than a club about just progress and that impending feeling of “what are you doing right now” “future this, future that” and don’t get me wrong those are important but I like that our meetings let you take a load off instead and you have this...”comfort zone” if you know what I mean. And it’s really cool because it’s not just us participating in college we branch out the schools and one of first schools, of which I hope there are many more to come, to accept us was the St. Peter and Paul school where we go hang out with them on select afternoons of their choosing and talk to them about physics/ astronomy (because one little guy was really happy about the fact that he could share how much he already knew about the solar system😂) and we have activities where they might have to build something and compete with each other or try to solve a problem on their own and see who has the most creative solution for a prize or something to keep them interested. I know things kind of got derailed because we were planning on setting up a table for them during Afternoon on the Green this year but you know... things happen. But that stops us for the moment👍🏽 I may have missed one or two things because I definitely answered the questions out of order😂 but that about sums it up