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Research Areas at The Etelman Observatory

The Etelman Observatory is the prime research facility for Astronomy and Environmental Science studies. UVI Physics faculties, students, and researchers have the opportunity to use the telescopes and computing facilities for research and scientific gathering. During the summer, in particular, the Observatory hosts UVI physics students during their research projects. You can see the work of the 2016 summer students here. Also, thanks to the available NASA funding for undergraduate research, some UVI students had the opportunitiy to do an internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (as part of the OSSI Initiative). You can see their testimony after the first three weeks here.

At the Etelman Observatory we pursue threem main lines of research:

sun Solar Physics: researchers at the Etelman Observatory study the connection of the outer layer of the Sun's atmoshpere with the magnetic properties as measured by telescope on Earth and satellites. The solar research group is lead by Dr. Brice Orange (from OWIS ).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

sun Astrophysics: several astrophisical phenomena are studied at the Etelman Observatory directly with the usage of the VIRT and other facilities in remote mode. In particular, prof. Morris (also director of the Etleman Observatory), Gendre, and Cucchiara, focus their efforts on the study of Gamma-ray Bursts, their progenitor and the galaxies where these tremendous explosion occur. Prof. Morris, also, has set-up an X-ray labroatory on the UVI-campus for the characterization and testing of X-ray instrumentation dedicated to futue space missions. Prof. Gendre is also the resident astronomer of the Observatory and it is in charge of the adequate performances of  VIRT.

sun Climate Change: Dr. Orange has set up a series of weather station throughout the observatory and, in conjunction with other remotly accessible stations, will performe accurate measurement. Other UVI faculty, like prof. David Smith have been involved in this effort over the years, seeking help from other scientists and volunteer in performing measurements and monitoring the correct functionality of the weather stations.

Research Interns at UVI and Etelman Observatory - Summer 2016